The Jiangxi “Very Good” Cemented Carbide products Co.,Ltd(VG company ) locates in the famous city of southern china---PingXiang,JiangXi province. the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway cross from the east to the west, the transportation here is very convenient. The VG company mainly produces cemented carbide section bars, include various kind of solid rods , ...[More]

Contact: Mr.Wen 17307329339

Email:  Postcode:337009

Address:No.88, High-tech Avenue, Chishan town Industrial park,Shangli county, Pingxiang municipality,Jiangxi province, P.R.China


  • Strips with Angles

    Strips with Angles

  • Spiral Strips

    Spiral Strips

  • Strips


  • Rods with helical coolant ducts

    Rods with helical coolant ducts

  • Rods with Two Straight Coolant Ducts

    Rods with Two Straight Coolant Ducts

  • Rods with Central Duct

    Rods with Central Duct

  • Rods for machining tools of PCB

    Rods for machining tools of PCB

  • Cemented carbide solid rods

    Cemented carbide solid rods